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Cthulhu/Kodos ’12!

November 3, 2010 3 comments

And so this is fun, watching the Democrats blow a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something vaguely centre-leftish. Of course, since they’re not technically a centre-left party, but an agglomeration of almost everyone in America who is not definably crazy, it means you have a party whose ideological range leans from mild social democracy to reactionary social conservatism. It’s not exactly the optimum centre-left vehicle, as d-squared notes. And despite calls for sanity, that only seemed to get everyone excited because it was vaguely ironic, which worries the hell out of me.

Estimates that the Republicans are going to get about 50-60 seats, and about 8 or so seats in the Senate seem about right so far, although it had been argued that there was an extremely wide variance in possible outcomes. It seems like the mushy middle was the best place to go, although there are bright spots in the dark firmament. Not many, though.

More to come, as more votes come in.

Updates under the fold. An elitist fold, hiding the true hatred all left-wingers have for America from salt-of-the-earth billionaires!

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Dear America

Please don’t suck too bad tonight.

That is all.

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